Amerikan Freak
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Written by John Leekley and Ahmet Zappa
Art by Brendan Smith, Clay Sparks and Nigel Raynor

Jason and Jesse went to a high school where the rich preppies and the blue-collar factory kids circled each other, like wolves from rival packs. They called Jason the Freak, he never belonged to a cool crowd. His big brother Jesse was always the protector. When they murdered Jesse, it was the biggest mistake this town would ever make. Out of Jason's rage came the darkness he had always feared, his dead brother Jesse bursting from his ripping flesh, the brothers merging to form one savage monster. Now there's hell to pay.

From Emmy award winning writer John Leekley (Kindred the Embraced, Wolf Lake, Spawn) and Ahmet Zappa (The Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty McFearless) with artwork by Brendan Smith, Clay Sparks and Nigel Raynor.

Softcover, 96 pages, Full color


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