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My Murderous Childhood

Story and art by Eric Powell

The Goon and Franky have been best friends ever since they was tykes. Find out how the two little ankle-biters became best pals, and how they muscled their way into the rackets of big-time crime-boss, Labrazio - who, incidentally, nobody's seen in a while. This trip down memory lane ain't gonna be no joyride, neither. Franky and the Goon are going to have to take on a horde of zombies, an army of hoboes, a couple of grave robbin' mongoloids, a guy with a gold head and his killer robot, a pie-crazed skunk ape, one homely, man-crazy sea hag, and whole lot of other things that smell just as bad if not worse. Pick up a copy, because those uptown rich people may have the cops and their G-men, but down here all we got is the Goon!

Part 2 of the Goon series.

Collects Goon (2003- 3rd Series) #1-4, plus the 8-page story "The Brothers Mud" from Drawing on Your Nightmares Halloween 2003 Special.

Softcover, 128 pages, full color.

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